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March 9, 2020


Members of any local club, or no club at all, male and female, are all very welcome. We’ll be aiming to have 2 groups wherever possible, numbers permitting. We meet for departure 6.30 pm from Bierspool Cycles and Haverfordwest Fire Station, 7 pm at Tiers Cross. Three laps of Tiers Cross – Johnston, turning at the roundabouts.

Chaingang is a group of individuals riding together on a safe stretch of road to practice fast group riding. Just make sure you have 3rd party liability insurance. It isn’t a race, though there is always a last lap sprint for the top of the hill by Tiers Cross. The winner gets…. nothing. Don’t worry if you don’t have prior road racing or fast group riding experience, but come prepared to be told what to (and not) do. Have a look at this GCN video. Ride smoothly, no surging, no overlapping wheels and point out potholes and other approaching road dangers on the front.

Remember, the whole point is to ride smart rather than hard, saving energy by riding close behind other riders and not surging at the front. If/when you get dropped, no stress. Just turn round and join back in when the group returns. Road bikes only, no tri-bars or TT bikes. This is the route.


Disclaimer: Club membership does not cover you personally for third party liability, even racing. It just covers the organising club and officials. This means all riders must obtain personal 3rd party liability insurance before taking part in this, or any other club activities. Joining BC or Cycling UK (CTC) gives you this.

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