Our History

The club was founded in 1982 by three friends: Steve Gregson, Gerald Asperassa and Derek Pearson. They often rode together in the evenings and, in the absence of any club west of Carmarthen, founded their own cycling club that they called The Pembrokeshire Velo. They started racing, predominantly time trials to start. As they did their results and reputation quickly grew both locally, and amongst the South Wales’ cycling clubs establishment. New members joined them in 1984, including current members Derek Pugh and Paul Colman. Derek’s son Karl joined as the first junior, and his wife Jean and their daughter Judith. Terry Francis joined along with his son Dave, Sarah Gambold was Welsh Girls track Champion, age 13. Andrew and Paul Toft riding with Paul Colman won the Welsh 12 hour team award with 240, 245 and 246 miles on road bikes for the first time in 1986, the start of multiple trips to the top step for members of the club competing in the longer distance Welsh Championship time trials, particularly the 12 hour.
Racing wasn’t limited to time trialling; there was a strong presence at the Carmarthen Track league until it fell out of regular use with a deteriorating surface. Road racing was another strong part of the club, with early member Adrian Holland becoming the very first Elite-category road racer in Wales, representing Pembrokeshire Velo. Mike Lindsay and Philip Walker raced with him, both of them accomplished first category riders. Being the only club in the county, membership grew hugely. With over 100 members, it was not uncommon in the 1990s for evening time trials to have 40 or 50 members turn up on a Wednesday evening to test themselves against the clock. But times change, many of the early time trial courses fell out of use due to increasing traffic and traffic lights, whilst time trialling itself became less popular as other more glamorous cycling pursuits increased. The Velo was founded as, and very much remains at heart, a racing club. Although its members have always had wide ranging cycling interests, the rise of other more social-oriented clubs locally has seen the membership dwindle from its heyday. Nevertheless, the Velo remains the modern outward looking Pembrokeshire cycling club looking to best represent the bike racing and triathlon interests of its membership. The original and very much best racing cycling club west of Carmarthen.

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